Ogden T. Monster was Spiffman Studios premire star. He appeared in over 500 movies, and even moved with the company when it's half wit CEO Charlie Roslyn moved it from Hollywood to Lanwick. Ogden was fired when the company decided to go in a "different direction" he now lives in a 1 bed apartment which he rents from Mr. Taylor, while begrudging the world and trying to make ends meat.   Thurgood Gathers. is owner and head barista at T.G.'s Coffee Shop in Lanwick. He is also one of Ogden's best friends and hardest critic. He keeps Ogden grounded when he gets to big for his britches.
Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji. Crab is not like any of those dogs. Infact he's alot like his monicker. Crab, who is Mr. Taylor's Dalmation Dog, was named for the dog in William Shakespear's Play "The Two Gentlemen of Verona". He is bent on ruling the world and the only one that can understand him is Ogden. Crab can often be found "supervising" Ogden from time to time.   Carl is Ogden's best monster bud. He also used to be a star for Spiffman Studios, now he spends his days complaining in the unemployment line, answering job ads in the newspapers and taking up space at T.G.'s coffee shop
Mr. Roy Taylor is Ogden's Land Lord. He wasn't quite sure what to make of Ogden when he first took his monster of a tenant, but now it is safe to say the growchy green monster has found a placce in Mr. Taylor's heart. Mr. Taylor often gives Ogden the advice he needs right at the right moments.   A bush-league hero, with no memory of where he came from, Hazard stays true to his name. He can often be found bumbeling rescues and inadvertantly helping the bad guys get away. After being kicked out of every major super group from the Justice League to the Power Puff girls, Hazard found his way to lanwick where he appointed himself the official super of the town. The question still remains though if the town will need saving from him.