[Life is good: goofing around with the ogden puppet] yes i am a grown man, i know.

About The Creator!

My name, if you haven't figured it out is Phil Oliveira, I'm 26 years old and live in quaint little Providence, RI with my Fiance and pet turtle Fido. I have 2 degrees in Design from Umass Dartmouth (where my face can still be seen in the "view book")one in Illustration and one in Electronic Imaging(which is art with a computer it ranges from web design to 3d animation).While I am not a professional cartoonist, I do work at the Rhode Island School of Design where I am the Area Coordinator for the First Year Program.

Favorites: Calvin and Hobbes,Superman, The Iron Giant, Cereal for meals other than breakfast, Spikes Junkyard Dogs, Starbucks Eggnog Chai, American Gods by Neil Gaiman,Peanuts Comics,Superman, Batman,Powers,Disney Animated movies,The Red Sox. Bruins, and Celtics, strongbad, the iTunes music store, NPR,Rocketboom.com,chineese food,the harry potter movies

Currently Playing in my iPod: nothing right now, the poor fella is sick and at the doctors... should have him back in a few. On iTunes though its a little Jamiriquoi, James Blunt, Jack Johnson, and Fort Minor( Mike Shinoda's Side project, he's from Linkin Park)


Got a question, I may have an answer email me at cannedhamcomic.


Thanks for visiting, hope to hear from you soon -Phil